Asociación de Afectados por Fármacos


“Medications are the third leading cause of death worldwide. Just as they can cure or help improve conditions, they can also kill or destroy lives. The lack of information and the murky interests of the pharmaceutical industry are often the major culprits.”

What is ADAF (The Association of those affected by Medicines)

ADAF is a non-profit organization that has been created with the purpose of bringing together individuals who have suffered negative consequences due to the use of medications, starting with Nolotil (metamizole). This is the best-selling medication in Spain but is banned in nearly 40 countries. ADAF is composed of patients, family members, lawyers, and healthcare professionals committed to advocating for the rights of those affected.

Our Goal

Our main objective is to fight for JUSTICE and safety in the use of medications. We want to ensure that all individuals receive appropriate, safe, and effective treatment. We aim to uphold their rights and hold accountable those who have caused harm through negligence, lack of information, or undisclosed side effects.

We promote public awareness about the risks and side effects of medications, working closely with the media and organizing educational campaigns.

At the Association of Drug Affected Patients (ADAF), we believe that every harmed individual deserves justice and the guarantee that their story will not be repeated in other patients. Let’s work together to achieve a safer and more responsible healthcare system!

Nolotil Campaign

Nolotil (metamizole), the leading analgesic (painkiller) and best-selling medication in Spain, is the reason ADAF was created. Nolotil is prescribed to alleviate any type of pain or reduce fever. It is prescribed for almost everything: headaches, toothaches, knee pain, back pain, before or after surgical procedures, and more.

However, many people have been affected by this medication without being warned about its risks. We know of at least 350 cases, nearly 80 of which have already been registered with ADAF, and we believe there are still many more yet to come to light. Nolotil has shown devastating side effects, including amputations, deaths, severe allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, agranulocytosis (sudden drop in the immune system), kidney or liver damage, sepsis (an extreme body reaction to infection), and multiple organ failure.

Despite all this, not only is it still being prescribed in all hospitals and medical centers in Spain as a standard protocol, but the rights of patients are also being violated. It is given to them even when they have explicitly requested not to receive it, when their medical history states that they are allergic to the medication, and even when they are hospitalized trying to recover from a serious reaction to the same medication, thus putting their lives in danger.

Objectives of the Nolotil campaign:

We have three main objectives regarding Nolotil (Metamizole):

  • Prohibition: Our first objective is to stop the prescription of this medication, particularly to individuals from countries where it is banned. There is evidence showing that people of Anglo-Saxon and Northern European origin are more prone to experiencing the worst adverse effects of this medication. However, this does not mean that other nationalities are immune to its harm, which is why we will seek to prohibit its prescription throughout Spain.
  • Justice and accountability: Our second objective is to provide support and justice to those affected by Nolotil and seek compensation for the damages. We will fight for justice and hold the manufacturers and suppliers of Nolotil accountable for the caused harm. We will work with specialized lawyers to file legal actions and ensure that they are held responsible for the detrimental effects of this medication.
  • Awareness and prevention: Promote changes in medication safety procedures and regulation to prevent future cases of harm and to prevent it from being administered or prescribed to patients against their will or without their permission. Conduct awareness-raising actions aimed at protecting the population.

How Can You Help?

We are seeking to raise funds to provide justice and support to these affected individuals. Your financial contribution, which you can make through our fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, will greatly help us achieve our goals and provide justice and support to Nolotil victims. Your donation will enable us to:

  • Conduct case studies.
  • Provide legal assistance to victims and their families to pursue legal action and seek compensation for the damages suffered. We need funds to defend and promote the rights of those affected and potentially affected by Nolotil, especially among foreign populations residing or visiting Spain. Specialized legal services are crucial in this fight for JUSTICE.
  • Organize informative meetings and awareness events to spread information about the dangers of Nolotil.
  • Conduct outreach campaigns to pressure health authorities to take preventive measures and implement stricter regulations.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in the lives of those affected and help protect potential victims, bringing us one step closer to justice and prevention.

How to Donate? Your contribution is valuable and can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by Nolotil. To donate, visit our GoFundMe page and make your contribution. Every euro counts and will be directly allocated to the needs of the affected individuals.

Conclusion: The fight for justice and support for Nolotil victims requires our solidarity and generosity. Every donation, big or small, brings us closer to our goal of providing legal assistance and seeking compensation for those who have suffered the devastating effects of this medication.

We invite you to join our fundraising campaign and support the fight for justice for Nolotil victims.