Asociación de Afectados por Fármacos

NOLOTIL Campaign: Nolotil Affected Individuals Need Your Help

Help us raise awareness and save lives with the NOLOTIL Campaign!

The Nolotil Campaign is a collective effort to provide support and assistance to people affected by the side effects of the drug Nolotil. This medication has been associated with serious adverse reactions in numerous patients, including cases of agranulocytosis, amputations, anaphylactic shocks, sepsis, and deaths.

ADAF (Association of Affected by Pharmaceuticals) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and supporting individuals and families who have experienced the devastating side effects of Nolotil (metamizole), a medication banned in around 40 countries due to its toxicity but still widely used in Spain.

How can you help?

For this cause, ADAF needs to raise funds that will be used to cover legal expenses, lawyer fees, medical research, and other necessary costs to pursue legal cases and seek compensation for the affected individuals, as well as to defend the rights of those affected and potential victims, in order to prevent such effects from recurring in other people.

Your generosity and support can make a difference in the lives of these affected individuals. Here are some ways you can contribute:

  1. Donation: Your financial donation can make a significant impact. Every contribution, no matter how small, will help fund support programs, medical and legal counseling, and the advocacy of the rights of those affected. You can make your donation through our GoFundMe page on our website.
  2. Volunteering: If you have time and skills to share, we invite you to join us as a volunteer. You can directly help affected individuals, participate in fundraising events, and collaborate in raising awareness about the risks of medications like Nolotil.
  3. Spreading the word: Share our campaign and mission with your friends, family, and on your social networks. The more people know about the Association of Affected by Pharmaceuticals and the Nolotil Campaign, the more support we can receive. Together, we can raise awareness about the risks of certain medications and promote positive changes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Fundraising events: Organize local events or participate in existing events to raise funds for the Association of Affected by Pharmaceuticals. From charity walks to auctions and benefit concerts, there are many creative ways to raise funds and generate awareness.

Every donation and every action counts. Together, we can provide support and hope to those who have suffered the effects of Nolotil and work to prevent similar cases in the future.

Visit our website for more information.

We deeply appreciate your support and solidarity. With your help, we can build a safer and healthier future for everyone.